Peak Smart Air-Conditioning Defined

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  • 26 Oct, 2017

Multicool have DRED and Peak smart technology in Gold Coast

You must wonder how some marketers come up with a name for a product, if I asked you what do think a DRED is? If you don’t know you might be saying, ‘Don’t know but it sounds bad” I mean would you DREAD using it?
Ok, enough suspense, it’s not meant to be “dread” – it is meant to be the acronym D R E D. What does DRED stand for? “Demand Response Enabling Device”,  Sounds good but what does it do?
Let me explain. The demand for electricity on the Gold Coast varies during a day, with peaks in the morning when families are getting ready to go to school and work, and particularly so in the late afternoon to evening when families get home, whack on the air conditioner at full rate, and get something to eat and relax in front of the TV.
Power infrastructure can mostly cope with such variations, but sometimes there are extreme peaks of demands or “spikes” when a particularly sweltering day occurs and which of course needs to be catered for if power outages are to be avoided.
Now it’s VERY interesting that the duration of these spikes has been measured at around a few hours, and only for a few days per year. This means that the capacity of power generation is under-utilized for a lot of the time and leads to the view “Why build more power stations – why not find a way around the problem?”
Ok, so are you all up to speed on DRED? Let’s move on to our next point Peak Smart.
What is Peak Smart air-conditioning?
Peak Smart air-conditioning helps reduce peak demand by dropping your air-conditioner into a lower performance mode when the network is under stress. We call this a Peak Smart event. You can buy a new Peak Smart air-conditioner.
The signal receiver on your air-conditioner will get a 'message' from the network, telling it there is pressure on the network. When this occurs, your air-conditioner will operate similarly to the economy setting.
Now that we have explained all that, what’s the next step for you? Well, the best thing? Give us a call at Multicool Air Conditioning Company in Gold Coast as we have DRED and Peak smart technology and needs and all the new Air Conditioning equipment and how Energex works with it totally understood and can easily explain.
So if you’re on the Gold Coast have an Air-conditioning need give the team at MultiCool a call.
By Search Marketing Specialists 26 Oct, 2017
You must wonder how some marketers come up with a name for a product, if I asked you what do think a DRED is? If you don’t know you might be saying, ‘Don’t know but it sounds bad” I mean would you DREAD using it?
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On a sticky Gold Coast summer day, there's nothing like waving a magic wand, aka the trusty remote control and transforming warm air into icy-cool air. Or indeed, the reverse: filling your home with comfy warm air on a chilly winter's day. This wizardry can be achieved with the addition of an air conditioner, the big question on your lips must be, what style of system should I get?

So, let us help you out a little on what’s available.

split system air condition : This type of air conditioner consists of a compressor unit that's installed outside and one or more indoor air outlets. They're usually used to cool one or more rooms, or an open-plan area, of up to 60 square meters.

Inverter technology: With conventional air conditioners, the compressor is either on (working to 100% capacity) or off. Inverters can vary the compressor speed and maintain the set temperature within a narrow range. They are generally more efficient and can cost less to run, although a good conventional model can still be cost-effective.

Cooling-only or reverse-cycle: Reverse-cycle models don't cost much more than cooling-only models and can be used for heating in winter. While the purchase and installation costs can be high, reverse-cycle air conditioners are among the cheapest and most effective forms of heating for large spaces. They cause less carbon dioxide to be produced in power plants burning fossil fuel than other kinds of electric heaters.

Wall/window: These models are usually installed in a window or external wall, and can cool rooms and open-plan areas of up to 50 square meters. Smaller units can be plugged into a normal powerpoint; larger ones may require additional wiring. We don't currently include these models in our reviews, because there are fewer on the market now, as split-systems are more efficient and have become more affordable in recent years.

That’s a little information but the best thing? Give us Multicool a call when it comes to Air-conditioning company on the Gold Coast ? We can provide the magic wand. 

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Summer is getting near. And yes, of course, as we all know, this upcoming summer means hot, sweaty days are coming. The first thing that pops into your mind is something cool. A wall fan, perhaps? But because the summer heat is stronger than the coolness that little fan of yours can give you, of course, you will think of a better way - an air conditioning system installed on your home! You own a big house with so many rooms, you want each room get an ac installed. Isn't that a little bit expensive? Have you heard about having a "cool summer"? You're thinking how right now, I can say. Muti-Cool Pty Ltd  Air Conditioning Company  can give you that, as they are installing  ducted air conditioning system on Gold Coast . And that is a perfect way to cool down your home. There, you can control numerous rooms or the entire house with only one system. Hence, cool summer is waiting for you.

Ducted air conditioners are very beneficial especially to someone like you who lives in a huge house with multiple rooms. It works by having a single unit that cools the air and then distributes the cooled air via a series of ducts into the rooms of your home.

You can just think the way I do and do what am I going to do. I will be contacting  Multi-Cool Pty Ltd  of Gold Coast and ask them to install a ducted air conditioner on my house. I will have a cool summer. And that would be really awesome.

Now, get your phone and give them a ring.

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The lifestyle you have when living on the Gold Coast is a life that many people desire, the chance to see a Sunrise or Sunset over the water, enjoy boat rides, BBQ’s year-round, the wonderful fresh smell of Salty Sea Air you get with a fresh breeze. If you have an Ocean View nothing better than sitting back in Air-Conditioned Comfort watching and enjoying all that the Gold Coast has to offer.

Yes, all that is wonderful indoors or outside, but that Fresh Sea Breeze? Well, our  Daikin Air-conditioning  units don’t share the same passion as we do. Salt is notoriously corrosive,  Air Conditioning Companies  and HVAC contractors say they see units that should last 15 years rotting away after just four or five years.

But there are ways to extend that Air-conditions life, and for the Gold Coast, we highly recommend  Rust Treatment . Rust Treatment offers a low-cost solution for the prevention of corrosion, which can lead to incredibly costly damage to your  ducted air conditioning  or  split air conditioning system  and may even require the replacement of parts if left unchecked. This advanced treatment is optimal for those who want to ensure the longevity of their air conditioning system and who want to effectively reduce the  maintenance  costs on their system down the road. With Rust Treatment from  Multi-Cool , an anti-corrosion barrier is set in place and used to protect the internal surfaces and fittings within the air conditioning equipment. This treatment will not be a hindrance to any further servicing that may be required on your air conditioning equipment later.

So, let’s make sure you can enjoy that Air-conditioned comfort and the View for a lot longer and give us a call to discuss rust proofing your system.

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Air-conditioning is a Major investment for any House or Commercial Property, no matter where you are in the world including the Gold Coast. There are many things you must consider when choosing the right  air conditioning company  to install and even maintain the right system:  ducted or split AC system  for your needs.

A great price is important of course but other factors such as Experience, Range and Brands of Equipment on offer, ability, Client References are all key points for you to consider.

When considering those factors, we mentioned above? Multi-Cool has been providing quality  air conditioning repairs , installation and  maintenance services  to the Gold Coast since 1990 so we can tick the box for the experience. During that 27 years we have built up a loyal customer base that is a testament to our commitment to customer service and that qualifies us for Clients references section of your checklist. There is a good reason that those who have worked with us in the past for their aircon needs come back time and time again, and tell their friends and colleagues to do the same.

As for Brands? Daikin , LG, Toshiba, Panasonic are the trusted Air-conditioning brands we recommend, install and maintain for our Installations on the Gold Coast to make sure your house or office is kept cool not just for now but for many years to come.
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