Rust Treatment

Rust Treatment

Air-Conditioning Rust Treatment – Protecting Your Investment

Rust can be incredibly detrimental to the health of your air conditioning system. In fact, corrosion is one of the primary causes of equipment denigration and failure here in Australia, especially on the coastline. That is why it is important for all homeowners and business owners to see to the regular maintenance of their air conditioning systems and the prevention of rust, whether they have recently had an air conditioner installation or they are looking to care for an existing air conditioning system in a residential or commercial facility.
Multi-Cool’s team of experts can provide you with a rust treatment solution that will prolong the life of your air conditioning system and prevent costly malfunctions that could leave you stranded in the heat and light in the wallet. We make use of this treatment to maintain our entire range of air conditioning equipment on both the commercial and domestic market, reducing the opportunity for invasive corrosion to have the chance to appear on your air conditioning system.
Rust Treatment offers a low-cost solution for the prevention of corrosion, which can lead to incredibly costly damage to your air conditioning system and may even require the replacement of parts if left unchecked. This advanced treatment is optimal for those who want to ensure the longevity of their air conditioning system and who want to effectively reduce the maintenance costs on their system down the road.
With Rust Treatment from Multi-Cool, an anti-corrosion barrier is set in place and used to protect the internal surfaces and fittings within the air conditioning equipment. This treatment will not be a hindrance to any further servicing that may be required on your air conditioning equipment at a later date.
We offer various levels of rust treatment, ranging from a spray-on product to Blygold treatment by an outside contractor and including Couplertec Electronic rust proofing. We can also disassemble the condensing unit and have it dipped in marine grade coating prior to installation.
Rust and corrosion can be incredible harmful to the life of your air conditioning system as well as to your wallet, so Multi-Cool’s team of expert air conditioning technicians recommend Rust Treatment Proposals to all of those who choose to do business with us. It can vastly extend the life of any air conditioning system, no matter what type of system that may happen to be. The pricing of treatment begins at $162.00 and varies depending on the type of system that you have in your residential or commercial space. Contact Multi-Tool today if you are interested in Rust Treatment for your air conditioning system.


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