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At Multi-Cool, we are so confident in our abilities to provide you with the best possible air conditioning installation, repairs, and service that we will provide you with a 12-month installation warranty on any installation job that we complete.
As a provider of Daikin Australia and LG Electronics products, we are Warranty Agents for these manufacturers. Clients who retain a copy of their Proof of Purchase for these systems will have instant access to any of our highly qualified and trained technicians whenever needed to take care of any and all air conditioning needs that they may have as covered underneath the Manufacturer Warranty of their product.
Air conditioning units are covered underneath the manufacturer’s warranty underneath the Parts and Labour warranty section, which covers the repair and replacement of the component parts of any air conditioning systems purchased under the warranty. These parts may include the compressor, PC boards, fan motors, to name a few examples. However, be advised that the Parts and Labour warranty does not cover issues related to the maintenance of air conditioning systems – these include issues such as the cleaning of filters, unblocking of drains, loosened electric connections, or corrosion of the system or its component parts that may lead to malfunction.
All installations of Multi-Cool air conditioning systems and products are provided with a 12-month Multi-Cool Installation Warranty, which services to cover you in the event of an installation defect. Please note that all defects related to your air conditioning equipment are covered not by the Multi-Cool Installation Warranty but by the Manufacturer’s Warranty of the air conditioning unit that you have purchased. Also note that neither of these warranties will cover issues related to the maintenance of an air conditioning system, and that they will not cover issues that have arisen due to a lack of maintenance on an air conditioning system or its component parts.
Other warranties may be available depending on the type of air conditioning system that you have purchased or that you are intending to purchase. As you set out to work with the Multi-Cool Design Team to locate and purchase the air conditioning system that you have chosen for your residential or commercial space, our helpful team will be ready to assist you in understanding the exact warranty that you have been provided with in addition to the 12-month Multi-Cool Installation Warranty automatically conferred to you on purchase of any of the equipment in our stable of products.
Please contact Multi-Cool if you would like more information, clarification on an existing warranty, or if you would like to schedule a Warranty Service Call for your air conditioning equipment.



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