Ducted System

Ducted System

Ducted Air Conditioning System Gold Coast Multi Cool Pty Ltd

Why a Ducted Air Conditioning Unit is the Perfect Cooling System for Your Gold Coast Home

There are plenty of reasons to choose a ducted air conditioning unit when you are seeking products and service from Multi-cool. A ducted system can provide you with a complete cooling solution for your entire Gold Coast home or office and provides numerous benefits over other more traditional solutions, such as wall mounted split systems. Perhaps the biggest benefit of these options is that they can be installed into virtually every type of space. Whether built directly into a new residential home, a commercial facility or added into a renovated or existing space, they are a perfect addition to any building.
How does Ducted Air Conditioner in Gold Coast work

How does a ducted air conditioner work?

A ducted aircon system works by distributing conditioned air to multiple rooms or areas throughout a building, making use of rigid and flexible ductwork to direct the air from a central Indoor Unit. When working with the design team at Multi-Cool to install a ducted solution, the process begins with the design of the system itself. Our experts will design your ducted air conditioning system to operate at the touch of a button, taking into account various factors that can help to reduce your total energy costs. This will help to maintain the efficiency of your system and will provide you with the maximum amount of power while still retaining the visual appeal of the areas where the unit is installed.
Ducted Air Conditioning Unit Gold Coast Multi Cool Pty Ltd

Choose from some of the best brands in the industry…

Our air conditioning products are provided by some of the biggest names in the business, including Daikin Australia, LG Electronics and Actron, just to name a few. When you work with us to design the ducted air conditioning unit that best meets your needs – or those of your clients and/or tenants – we will guide you toward the best possible products for you, regardless of what that happens to be. After all, no two homes, offices, commercial buildings, or holiday spaces are alike – at Multi-Cool Air- Conditioning Company in Gold Coast, we understand that and realise that no two ducted air conditioning systems should be, either.
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