Custom System Design

Custom System Design

Custom Designed Air-Conditioning Systems: Specifically For Gold Coast Home, Office, Commercial & High-Rise Sites

Whether you are looking for air conditioning installation in your home, in a commercial office building, in a residential or a commercial high-rise, or any other type of structure, there is one thing that you must consider first and foremost – no two spaces are alike, and no two air 
conditioning systems should be designed the same way either. That is why when clients work with Multi-Cool, they will be treated to one-on-one attention with the Multi-Cool Design Team.
By working with our design team, you will have the opportunity to discuss an array of factors related to your air conditioning needs, including how you plan to use the air conditioning system, what types of cooling needs you have, and overall factors such as whether you are looking for features such as energy efficiency or ease-of-use. In addition to all that, Multi-Cool will take into account immediate concerns such as your budget and your own personal style, all to ensure that you get exactly the air conditioning system that meets your needs and wants from the moment that it is installed.
In addition to speaking with you about what it is that you want out of your air conditioning system, Multi-Cool will also take the time to carry out any and all necessary inspections and calculations required in order to create the most accurate and precise design for your air conditioning system possible. With every design that we carry out, we look to maximise the efficiency of the system and to ensure that it continues to provide you with the same incredible cooling power as it did on the day that it was first installed. Not only that, but we seek to provide you with sleek and modern luxury in the style of your air conditioning unit as well as incredible high performance.
Whether you are in need of a traditional installation such as a split system in an existing structure or you are looking for someone to install a ducted air conditioning system in a newly constructed commercial facility, Multi-Cool is up to the task of fulfilling all of your design needs and providing you with the highest quality of air conditioning installation, service, and repair possible – something that begins with ensuring you have the best design possible.
If you would like to learn more about what a fully designed air conditioning system from Multi-Cool can provide you in your residential or commercial facility, or if you are ready to get the design process started, contact us today. We will be happy to assist you with any and all concerns that you may have regarding your air conditioning needs.


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